Monday, October 27, 2008


HI I ENJOY FRIES, I MEAN OBVIOUSLLY. but hey lets try to be serious now. ha ha again love you all. Everyone even if i hate you i love you! ok so i am soooo excited because Friday is HALLOWEEN! and even better Friday is my super duper awsome SMASH halloween party!! OK so again i love all my fans or my uncles fans that are trying to make poor wittle mwe fwamous! ha jk!
Skylar ,,,,,,,,, chille!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


hey people i am sooo happy to be home. It feels great (i am not alloud to share where my home is moms rules) right now i am petting my favorite thing in the whole world! my cat clementine. she is soooooooo sweet. ANYWAY! i dont only enjoy fries I ALSO ENJOY TORTILLAS! i wish i was a jellyfish! i dont know why though and thanks for all the people that left comments i sincerely appreciate them. ha ha i farted! so enjoy your life everyone, oh and i almost forgot Britney's new CD comes out Dec. 2! PLEASE BUY IT FOR THE SAKE OF BRITNEY I WANT HER CD TO BE THE NUMBER ONE SOLD CD! i mean she has done so much to get her life back together for her fans so lets not quit on her! everyone in the nation should buy it i ashure u it will be great the legendary britney has never gone wrong with a song! so please for the sake of me!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I LIKE BANANAS and much more

hey its the amazing me again. HA HA! well the English teacher guy thank u soo much for posting my first ever comment it meant alot! so God bless! or.....sorry....umm...Buddha bless? idk what u guys do but my Uncle Brad has meditated for 5 hrs b4 it is really creepy. but anyway the other day he was meditating and he looked funny so i burst out laughing and accidentally i dont know how ya'll Buddhists say it and i dont want to offend anyone but i guess i awoken him from meditation! omg! ok back to me...i have a heart felt message to say DONT BE STUPID VOTE BARACK OBAMA PLEASE I DONT WANT TO WANT TO MOVE TO CANADA IF MCCAIN WINS! ok best blesses wishes and gifts
God Bless,

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i dont want a pink pruffleton.
i dont know what that is
but franklie.

i am not......

i know most of you are HUGE fans of my uncle but i just want you to know
I am not all Zen and stuff i am Christian
......but i do enjoy fries!
and britney spears! ( i hope this made all the difference)

hi its me Skylar

its Skylar and i'm at the beach. cool right? anyway i felt like starting a blog because my uncle obviouslly has one. and theres something i think all of you should know. BRITNEY SPEARS IS AMAZING! she should have a country named after her. i want to be famous too! i hope one day im the next britney. i want to give a shout out to my besties in the entire univeres Alison and ovcourse Ginger. i love you all and i want you guys to make me famous!
Skylar (the awsome)