Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i dont want a pink pruffleton.
i dont know what that is
but franklie.


roman said...

Hi Skylar, I am a high school teacher in the Czech Republic and teach English to girls and boys of your age, but also some older ones. It is funny you call Brad is your uncle. I don't want to be anyone's uncle yet! I want to be young forever! I am 41 though. Anyway, you seem to be a very positive and energetic girl, so more power to you and let's see what happens about that fame. Go for it!

And don't read my blog, it is all rubbish, as the Brits say. But some of it was inspired by your uncle's - omg what a label - writing.

And now ladies and lady, it is time to go and take a shower and some zazen and bed and sleep and dream... Take care

Aspro Ftero said...

Hi Skylar

You really don't know what a pink pruffleton is ?

I think that you know.


summerrox12 said...

no clu wat a pnk pruffleton is. sounds preppy. u probably woodnt want 1 anyway