Saturday, October 25, 2008


hey people i am sooo happy to be home. It feels great (i am not alloud to share where my home is moms rules) right now i am petting my favorite thing in the whole world! my cat clementine. she is soooooooo sweet. ANYWAY! i dont only enjoy fries I ALSO ENJOY TORTILLAS! i wish i was a jellyfish! i dont know why though and thanks for all the people that left comments i sincerely appreciate them. ha ha i farted! so enjoy your life everyone, oh and i almost forgot Britney's new CD comes out Dec. 2! PLEASE BUY IT FOR THE SAKE OF BRITNEY I WANT HER CD TO BE THE NUMBER ONE SOLD CD! i mean she has done so much to get her life back together for her fans so lets not quit on her! everyone in the nation should buy it i ashure u it will be great the legendary britney has never gone wrong with a song! so please for the sake of me!

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